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Why Choose CyberClinic?

  1. We focus on leveraging technology to make businesses more profitable
  2. We take over the full burden of your network and computer problems, so your staff can get back to doing what they do best
  3. We’re super accessible: it’s easy for your employees to get the support they need and our average resolution time for support tickets is less than 24 hours
  4. We speak plain English: no technobabble or condescending technicians
  5. Affordable up-front pricing: you get the full weight and resources of a high-tech, highly trained, fully staffed IT department, for less than the cost of a single entry-level employee
  6. Valuable consulting included: our most senior engineers, including our own CTO, are available to collaborate with you on strategic IT planning for your business at no additional cost
  7. We're proactive: when we notice unrelated problems while working with end-users, we don't wait until they get reported – we create support tickets on your behalf and resolve them
  8. Minor issues are welcome: many employees are reluctant to report small problems, but we understand the smallest annoyances can have a significant impact on productivity and overall happiness in the workplace - so if there is some little non-important thing about your computer that's been bugging you for years, we're happy to help
  9. No long-term contracts: our services are month to month because we're confident in the added value we bring to our clients
  10. We're a stable and financially healthy company: we constantly invest in our own infrastructure to make sure we have the best technicians and most powerful tools to help our clients, which is how we’re able to provide the most premium services to Granbury, Weatherford, and DFW